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Ben Kennerly

Design is my life. I studied graphic design in undergrad. I spent 4 years at QVC as a UX Designer. Then 3 years at the Climate Corporation as a Product Designer. I left to travel and grow my knowledge in product and web development.

I’m seeking my next Product Design role in the Bay Area. I’m looking for a driven team with a good mission. Let's talk!

📋 Resume

Sustainable Farming

2018 • Product Designer •

I designed a web app that helps farmers reduce dependence on nitrogen fertilizer. That's good for the planet. This video describes the project and my contribution.

I can present a formal case study of my end-to-end process via video conference.

QVC Android App Redesign

2015 • UX Designer • QVC

Redesigned app as a universal app for both phones & tablets. I also introduced new company branding and Google's Material Design.

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QVC App on Android tablet and Smartphone

Climate FieldView Design System

2019 • Product Designer •

After seeing a need for consistent styles and better tools, I convinced my organization to build a React-based web component library.

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Design System UI Sample

Creative Code

Climate FieldView Hardware Setup

2019 • Product Designer • Climate iPhone

I designed a setup flow to connect a bluetooth sync device to a farmer's tractor. The motion graphics output to Lottie or SVG.

I am a designer who codes. I bring ideas to life when ENG resources are scarce. Watch the video to see my full iPhone setup flow.

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Climate FieldView Order Confirmation

2017 • Product Designer •

This checkout page’s order confirmation scenery is a nod to farmer’s long days spent outside.

The concept is the color of the sky and field change based on the time of day.